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9/10/06 - Cannon tries to fly (by Jason)
Well, right as we were about to leave for work, Cannon had a nasty fall from our second floor hallway, and landed on the coffee table in the living room.  He fell about 12 feet.  We could immediately tell that he was really hurt.  (All the screaming gave it away).  We rushed him to the animal hospital and found out that he had shattered the ball that goes into his hip socket on the end of his femur, and also broke another bone in the bottom of his leg.  It was a pretty bad break, and he had to have surgery to fix it.  They actually completely removed the shattered ball from the hip-socket all together, but the doc told us that he will be able to walk just fine in a few months.  For now, he's sporting a full-length hot-pink cast on his leg and about 10 stitches on his shaved hip.  He seems to be in pretty good spirits, and still loves rough-housing with his brother Haystack!

9/8/06 - Motocross baby! (by Jason)
Our neighbors across the street just completed building their new motocross track!  This is the real-deal!  We're talking 40 foot doubles!  This evening, I got a chance to go over there and try it out.  It's been such a long time since I've jumped my dirt bike (2 years?), I took it pretty easy.  I only tried jumping one of the jumps (only about 15 feet or so), and wasn't quite making it, so I decided to hold off on the other ones (for now anyways :)  I cant wait to get back over there, but fall is setting in, and it's starting to rain a lot, so I don't know when that will be.  But it was definitely a lot of fun!

8/31/06 - We bring home our "Honeymoon Babies" :)  (by Jason)
While we were out running around, we decided to stop into the Humane Society at Redmond Town Center just to take a look at the cute kitties.  Well, needless to say, we fell in love with 2 of them!  They're brothers and were only 2 months old.  They were dropped off at the shelter on our wedding day!  How could we say "No" to that?  So after a lot of going back-and-forth, we decided to take them home.  We named them "Haystack" and "Cannon" in honor of getting married at Haystack Garden in Cannon Beach.  (Yeah, it's a little corny, but we like it! :) 

7/22/06 - We begin our new life together (by Jason)
I figured I had better start our "family news" section with at the "beginning". :)  On July 22, 2006, we were married at Haystack Gardens in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  The night before the wedding, we had a pizza party and a bonfire on the beach.  It was an absolutely fantastic time!  We had a fairly small quaint wedding, but we had quite a few of our family and friends make the long trip to Oregon to share this awesome time with us!  It was absolutely perfect!  

My Dad, John performed the ceremony for us.  He did an absolutely fantastic job.  My brother, Greg was my best man.  Debbie's long time friend Deanna was her bride's maid, and her sister Becky was her Maid of Honor. 

There were SO many people who did SO many things to help make our day simply amazing.  Thank you for all for helping to make our day unforgettable!


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