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Welcome to DebbieAndJason.com!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!  Here you'll find all kinds of pictures and news about the happenings in our life.  Please stop by often as we plan to add new content at least monthly, and we hope to be growing our site quite a bit in the next few months.

Latest Updates:

1/10/09 - Just 2 years after the "100 year flood" in the Snoqualmie Valley in near my house, we had an even bigger flood.  After getting 200" of snow in the Cascade Mountains over a 3 weeks period, a warm front came through that caused the snow level to rise to 9000 feet. On top of that 20 inches of rain fell over a 48 hour period creating some of the worst flooding in Washington history.   Once again, our town was cut off from the rest of the world, as every road out was under feet of water.  

Check out some of the pictures that we took of this incredible event, and be sure to watch the brief video to get an idea of how much water there really was.   The Snoqualmie River is normally about 50-100 feed wide.  During this flood, it spanned from one side of the valley to the other... almost a mile wide.  In Carnation, the river rose to over 62 feet and reached 80,000 cubic feet per second.  Typical levels are ~ 47 feet and 3,000 cfs.   Flood stage begins at 54 feet.   Quite an amazing event.

12/31/08 - I've added a few more pictures of our trip to Tuscon in January, the Columbia River Gorge in July, and my Air Combat USA adventure in August.

12/25/08 - After a very long hiatus from up loading pictures, I've added some pictures of the snow storm that we had this week.  Look for more pictures coming later this week!

03/17/07 - Last weekend, Debbie and I made a trip back down to the Oregon coast to revisit the scene of the "crime" :).   On our way home, we had the awesome priveledge of coming across a mating pair of bald eagles right on the beach!  Check out some of the cool photos!

01/12/07 - We decided to make the best of the snow and do some "Redneck Sledding!"  Check out the new pictures!

01/12/07 - Well, to complete our crazy weather (100 year flood, wind storm of the centry) we had a pretty crazy snow storm the other day.  We got about a foot of snow in 4 hours, which is a lot for this neck of the woods.  Check out the pictures of the storm!

12/30/06 - We posted some comparison pictures of the Snoqualmie Valley flood today.  Take a look to see what the valley looks like without being filled with water!

12/24/06 - We fixed most of the broken links in the photo gallery.  Not sure what happened to the pictures, but they're back now.  Enjoy! 

I also uploaded some more recent pictures of our house and a few new pics of the kitties.

12/19/06 - Last weekend Washington state was hit by one of the worst wind-storms in history.   We've been without power for 5 days now, and it looks like it might be another 3-5 more days before we get it back.  We've added some pictures of some of the storm damage for you to see!  Pretty amazing damage.

11/10/06 - Added a few of the pictures from our wedding that our professional photographer took.

11/07/06 - The Snoqualmie River had a record flood today.  It was the worst flood in the river's recorded history. The entire valley was under water from one side to the other. The city of Carnation was completely cut off from the rest of the world for the better part of 2 days, and Duvall was cut off for most of the afternoon, as all roads across the valley were under water.  Check out the photos that we took of this historic flood.

11/04/06 - Added a few more pictures from our trip to Hawaii.  We still have a lot of pictures to go through, so I' expect to be adding a few more in the coming weeks.  The pictures I uploaded today are from our time on Oahu.

10/22/06 - Added a new section of photos of our trip to Hawaii.  (I'm actually adding photos while we're on our trip, so check back often!)  You can view them by going to our Photo Gallery.

10/13/06 - Added a new photo gallery where you can see all of our favorite photos.  You can comment on individual pictures, or even send an e-card!  We'll be adding pictures frequently, so check back often!

9/20/06 - Completely redesigned DebbieAndJason.com and added pictures from our wedding in July!


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